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Signature Paperie
12 November 2007, 10:15 am
Filed under: Developments

I am an extremely creative being, and while I’m not working with clients, you can probably find me doing one of three things: sleeping [have to get my beauty rest somehow], reading up on the latest in the Big City [my nickname for the Houston metropolis], or drawing. I love to draw – I’ve been doing it for as long as anyone can remember. And I love drawing all kinds of things – portraits, cartoons and comics, even room clothing designs. Yet, one of the things that I love creating the most is print designs.

This love of mine has brought Signature Paperie into existence.

Signature Paperie is where I’ll be flexing my creative muscle for the good of all mankind – in the form of custom print designs. I’ll be working with a number of vendors and fellow artists, as well as doing loads of research [the basis of all that I do], in order to present my talents to the world in such a tangible way. This new company of mine will offer personalized stationery and logos, as well as calling cards, note cards, envelopes and greeting cards. I’ll be creating dozens of designs for you all to choose from, and customizing them to your specifications. We’ll even be offering Stationery Packages, with calling cards [which can be used as business cards], letterheads, and envelopes and more, as well as return address printing for your new products.

Signature Paperie will be an online store in its beginning, but if things go well, I may just house the shop in an enclosed area in my office, to give customers a creative environment in which to envision their projects and wishes. [And just in case you were wondering, I don’t have an office as of yet. I don’t have the immediate need for it.] The website, along with the products for the shop, is being drafted and outlines as we speak [or read, rather], and we will open its proverbial doors for business on Tuesday, 1 April 2008.

I’m really excited about Signature Paperie, and I can’t wait for the Grand Opening. If you see me in a local bookstore these days, I’ll probably be working on new ideas for the product lines. Feel free to stop by and share your ideas and suggestions. You may just see them on the website. As for right now, you can visit the website at signature.daynajones.org to sign up for our waiting list. You’ll be one of the first to know when the shop is officially open. And who knows – there may just be a free gift for the first customers… Sign up today and get your Signature Paperie creations as soon as you can.


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